Each session is individually focused on you, incorporating various healing modalities and techniques to best honor you, your beliefs and where you are on your journey. Every session is a journey consisting of exploration, understanding, and gaining insights while also learning new tools to best assist you on your PATH (Persistence, Acceptance, Truth, Healing). Heart2Heart sessions can be done remotely or in-person.

What can you expect from your session?

Each in-person and remote session will incorporate some or all of the following: intuitive insights, messages just for you, being guided to clarity, release work, the clearing of blocks, guidance to finding a sense of self and purpose, spiritual counseling, support along your journey, and energy healing.

In-person healing modalities may include utilizing one or more of the following:

• Aromatherapy
• Reiki
• Crystal healing
• Chakra alignment
• Cutting cords meditations
• Hands on healing techniques
• Saging

The purpose of the sessions are to guide you through the healing stages following a 5 Step Process:

1. Awareness
2. Recognition
3. Acceptance
4. Forgiveness
5. Release

The first step is awareness, when you are aware in your life you can start the process of healing the wounds within. You can’t change anything you don’t recognize. Once you recognize it, then you move toward acceptance. After acceptance, you will move to forgiveness. The last step is the releasing process. After moving through the stages of healing, you will find the freedom to BE you without the baggage or pain from your past.



Remote Heart2Heart sessions are provided through agreed/scheduled appointments where the client has prepaid and scheduled the phone session in advance. International sessions are done through Skype.

For initial sessions, please block 90 minutes for both in-person and remote sessions.