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Conversations with my Son

By July 16, 2016Uncategorized

kindessIt has been an interesting week. In light of recent acts of violence and terror, adding that my son is heading into high school, I felt it imperative to open up a dialog about life with my son.


I started the conversation the other day with what his desires are for this world. He is quite enlightened and a gentle soul and responded with my same desires that I wish…of “everyone to get along, peace and people taking care of the earth.” We discussed it for a bit and I was touched to know my son ‘gets it.’


Yesterday, I expanded the conversation to have him ask me about my high school days. I wanted to have an open conversation so we could build a basis of trust as he enters some difficult and challenging years. We had an open dialog about the different drugs and what I thought they did to people per my observation. We talked about alcohol and even touched on the birds and the bees. It felt good to know he was comfortable asking the ‘tough questions’ without my judgment and just a healthy conversation.


Well, today took another turn of a deep conversation as I broached the topic of terrorism, violence and the many issues confronting us today, here in the U.S. and abroad. I started out by asking what he thought about everything going on in the world and then I asked him if he was in fear because of it all. I was beyond happy when he replied “no, that he isn’t afraid.” That meant so much to me because I believe that we cannot live in fear, DESPITE the chaos and unexpected violence that is everywhere and appears to be so random. I believe wholeheartedly that we have to TRUST. We have to remain vigilant in enjoying our lives. We cannot give up our peace to those that are creating violence, chaos and terror. If we do, then they truly win. We have to remain in our PEACE even in the most, dire situations.


After this in-depth conversation, I then asked him if he was afraid to die and he said “no.” I asked why and he replied, “that it is just another facet of life, as we all die.” Again, I cannot express how much this answer warmed my heart because it is my truth. I truly believe that when we leave our physical beingness, that we transition to complete spiritual beingness and that is nothing to fear. Don’t get me wrong as I believe in heaven and hell, I just believe that they exist here on this physical plane and that in every moment of everyday, we get to choose to live or be in heaven or hell.


I believe that our future lies in our children and their beliefs and desires of the world they want to live in, therefore, it is vital that we open up the conversations and dialogs of what they think, what they believe and what they want in this life and world.


The more we can engage our children, the more impact we have of shifting this current situation of mass violence and destruction, to a more peaceful state of being. I BELIEVE that our children DESIRE PEACE and LOVE. Let’s foster that and nurture that in lieu of feeding into fear, anger, separation, violence, etc. Let us all move to our natural state of LOVE. Let’s be kind to one another. Let’s love our earth and take care of her. Let us show gratitude and live in peace. Let us find joy in our moments. Let us take care of one another. Let us get carried away by fun, generosity and humor. Let us make the shift. Let us do it NOW.

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