Alina_Bonnie is an angel who lands on your shoulder and carries you along into the positive. Her energy and upbeat spirit are contagious and her intuition is remarkable. Bonnie lights up anything that she touches.

~ Alina McKinney


Hi Bonnie,

As I read your story in Unbreakable Spirit I had tears streaming down my face, it touched me and mirrored what I have experienced in my life. I also find pennies to be signs along with song lyrics and feathers. It came to me to write to you and share the experience I had the other morning.

As I was falling asleep last night I asked for guidance in following what I know to be my path but feel that something is holding me back and keeping me stuck.

As I woke up I heard ‘practice what you preach’, which is get quiet and go within for the answers. Why does it seem to be so hard to do what we know deep down is best? So often we seem to think that the more we DO the better it will be. While I know we must take action it is best to meditate first and then take inspired action. Stopping and getting quiet for ten to fifteen minutes seems like such a chore and our mind can come up with so many reasons why we don’t have time. I know I have spent hours working on an issue and finally thrown up my hands and gone for a walk. Almost every time the perfect solution has occurred to me while on the walk or shortly afterwards.

The second thing that happened when I got up and was leaving the bedroom I found myself picking up the book “Unbreakable Spirit” and taking it with me. I did a cosmic pick and found myself reading “Pennies from Heaven” and of course it was exactly what I needed to read at that moment. After reading it I decided to meditate and what popped into my head then was part of a dream I had where a woman was asking me if Samdhi Retreats was really going to happen and I looked at her and said ‘in my heart and soul it has already happened’. She replied good cause that’s where it needs to happen first. I remember thinking in my dream, ‘I know that’, so why have I been taking two steps forward and one step back?

As I pondered that last thought I decided to finally clean off the desk in the office and get rid of some of the clutter. They say that clearing the clutter around you helps to clear the clutter within. It must work for in the piles I found my Angel Cards and decided to pull one and see what message they would give me today. The card was Solar-Plexus Chakra and asking Archangel Michael to cut any cords of fear I have from anyone I have given away my power to. I did the exercise and realized that it was fear from events and people in my past where I have given away my power and suffered the consequences.

In looking back at what many would call failures I realized that every time they occurred there was a message in it for me to learn and to grow. Amazing how many times I found I wasn’t being true to myself and had indeed given my power away, thinking that someone else knew more than me in those circumstances. The lesson I am learning over and over again is that while it often takes a tribe to create something it only truly works when everyone is being true to themselves. Life may be a series of give and takes but if we all come from our heart and soul we each get what we need from the experience and no one feels like a failure.

My message for today is to get quiet and listen for the whispers of the soul calling you to be all you dream you are and then above all take that inspired action, make that call, send that email, talk to that person that seems to have a message for you. But in all of that stay true to yourself and love who you are and who you dream of being.

I am sending you this email because I feel I need to make this connection and trust that whatever comes out of it is exactly what is in my best interest at the time. Thank you for your story and for helping others find theirs.

~ Ellen


Erin_Light, happy, and filled with Purpose.. these are just a few of my feelings and thoughts after experiencing guidance through Bonnie. After meeting her just once, she has truly changed my life. I know that Bonnie has entered my life for many reasons and I am already filled with gratitude for all that she has shared with me. I am beyond blessed to have been introduced to this deep and loving soul. There really are no words to describe how much love and appreciation I have for her and for myself after our connection. I cannot wait to see her again!

~ Erin


joseph_Bonnie, For the purpose of this testimonial, I write not to anyone else, but to you.

Since we met in April 2014, you have shed light on my path and provided me with hope and a sense of purpose. Your intuitive spirit and compassionate heart has created a whole new world of love in my life. That love has helped me learn to love myself and to not be afraid of what lies in the journey ahead.

You are, without a shadow of doubt, a mother to all young veterans and a guide for those in need. I look forward to knowing you for the rest of my life and beyond.

Joseph Seaton, MS, Entrepreneur and former US Army Captain


Jovane_It’s hard to fit all my gratitude for Bonnie’s light, love, wisdom and encouragement into a short testimonial, but I’ll do my best. Bonnie is a giving, compassionate and GENUINE healer, consultant, manifesting master, veteran advocate, speaker and ambassador. I have been blessed to experience her gifts in all of these areas. What I appreciate most about this amazing woman is her selflessness. Bonnie wants to know what she can do to serve YOU (I guarantee it will be one of the first things she asks you!), and once she knows what you need, she has the knowledge, the network AND the resources to make it happen and get you on the right path. I consider her my guardian angel in human form, and I am forever grateful to her for not only teaching me the power of choice and appreciation, but for mentoring me in business and advocacy as well. If you’ve been looking for guidance, peace and understanding in any area, your search is over. Contact Bonnie today and find out why everyone wants a Bonnie in their pocket!

~ Jovane Marie, Chief of Innovation, POWERHOUSE


Bonnie had truly been a great help since the moment I first met her. Genuinely cares and keeps in touch with everyone she connects with to help in their transition from military to civilian life. Very insightful in all aspects of transition, if she has the answers she will give them to you if not she will find them for you or reference you to someone who knows what you are talking about. She is very resourceful and wonderful to work with. Thank you always Bonnie!

~ Raymundo Ortiz Jr, Veteran, Apple Retail Specialist


Bonnie is an amazing woman full of life, love and inspiration. I have learned so much from her and I am very thankful.

~ Sose Frankyan, Bodybuilder


It’s always refreshing to meet and work with someone who’s sincere, thoughtful, altruistic and down to earth. Bonnie is that breath of fresh air that we could all use in our lives, a true treasure.

~ Val & Tritia, Veteran


Bonnie Silver is one of the warmest and most genuine people, I know. Her passion to selflessly assist others where she can, is unmatched. I recently transitioned from the Marine Corps after 14 years and with Bonnie’s vast wealth of knowledge in the business arena and her personal experiences, she has been instrumental to the embarkation of this new chapter of my life. With her inspiring coaching and my drive, the stepping stones on my path to a successful future seemed very much more in arms reach. Bonnie has been a cheerleader, a mentor and a personal friend. To know her is to know the true definition of sincere devotion.

Thanks Bonnie!

~ Anthony Mesias


Jackie_Bonnie is an incredible and gifted healer. In one session with Bonnie, many things opened up for me, including my calling to offer intuitive sessions for others. Bonnie was able to provide me with visions of my purpose and things that I still needed to heal. Shortly after seeing Bonnie, I had the courage to quit my corporate job and pursue my passion for writing and doing healing work as an intuitive and channel for Divine Spirit.

~ Jackie VanCampen, Founder of Wise Heart Within



Dear Bonnie, I’ve never met anyone that can change the way I feel about life the way you have. The way you see Love everywhere. You teach what love is and to see how love should be. Yes, you are the “Queen of Hearts”! Thank you!

~ Joseph De Nardo, lead machinist


My life has been unofficially (through siblings of friends) connected with Bonnie since I was in 3rd grade. However, we did not actually meet until 2009 when a mutual friend passed away. Bonnie instinctively knew to call me, getting my # from FB (even though we had never met) when our friend passed. Since that sad but soul opening day, Bonnie has been instrumental in helping me see my life in a new positive way. She is a true Intuitive Healer, with the ability to see into one’s soul. I won’t go into details, but Bonnie sensed my inner pain and many reasons for it, and through a few phone conversations ( as we live 2100 miles apart) she helped me open my heart again and learn to once again love life. Life is far from perfect, but I see things differently, more positively.

My life has truly been blessed and changed due to Bonnie’s loving spirit.

~ Vyki Corbett, Plexus Worldwide, University of Chicago Hospital

Bonnie is a rare gem that we occasionally (if we’re lucky) have a chance to meet and have her light shine into your life! Kind, compassionate and insightful only begin to describe her many talents and inner beauty. Bonnie is a life coach, counselor and friend all wrapped into one being–almost in a spiritual way. Her encouragement, devotion, wisdom and ‘connected-ness’ are a true blessing to anyone she encounters. Bonnie has my highest endorsement as someone who cares, can get you pointed in the right direction and connected to good people, and also someone who will challenge you to “answer to yourself–‘is this what “I” want to pursue?’ ”

~ Mike Keeney, Veteran, Job seeker